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South Bay Pediatric Otolaryngology


CLIENT: In Winter 2020, I was contacted by Dr. Rose Eapen, a pediatric ear, nose and throat doctor and former UNC colleague. She opened a new practice in Los Angeles, California.

REQUEST: Dr. Eapen requested the development of a full marketing campaign package. Her needs include a new brand, office stationary, video treatments, secure online patient portal using Drupal, and social media strategy. There is a full range of opportunity for this new practice.

DISCOVERY: I audited all digital channels and hashtags that Dr. Eapen regularly uses. My Discovery results concluded that Dr. Eapen will benefit from an investment in shaping her practice's online voice in social networks.  

PROJECT GOAL: A strong brand and authentic voice to build trust, increase name recognition, and position Dr. Eapen to be a valued resource for pediatric ear, nose and throat patients. 

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2MQ Consulting


CLIENT: In Winter 2021, I was contacted by Monica Meadows, CEO of 2MQ Consulting, a leader in the aviation education space, located in Wendell, North Carolina.

REQUEST: The CEO requested a strategic marketing campaign for 2021. The needs include a production of email marketing campaigns, materials for the 2021 FSANA conference, and collaboration with cross-functional teams that include videographers, copywriters, and other project managers. 

PRO BONO: I offered the client a free marketing consultation, and samples of a custom email marketing campaign. The CEO was so impressed with the quality of work, that she offered me a role to oversee 2021 marketing goals. I also ran an audit of the 2MQ website with another contractor, and found opportunities to optimize the page load time to first byte (TTFB). 

PROJECT GOAL: In my role as marketing consultant, I aim to strengthen an established brand in the aviation space. I will guide the company to utilize the creative talents of the team by incorporating an editorial calendar. In my role as project manager, I will ensure we create high quality work at or below cost and on time.


Ohioans to Stop Executions


CLIENT: In Winter 2021, I was contacted by Ohioans to Stop Executions, a coalition of individuals and organizations working to reduce use of and ultimately end capital punishment in Ohio.

REQUEST: The Treasurer requested a social media graphic campaign to act as a call to action for fundraising and an awareness campaign for the 2021 election season. The social media graphics will kick off a recurring social media campaign to raise funds.

PRO BONO: I offered the client a free marketing consultation, and I provided a sample of a donor scale infographic. I am excited to collaborate on this new project with the client as it moves from proofing into production of deliverables.  

PROJECT GOAL: I aim to elevate graphics and messaging that will strengthen credibility of the conversation and social reach of an important movement.

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